Tips for Beginners


  • readability, contrast and labeling
  • We can not read unreadable plans and we can not guess a lack of information!
  • The plan may not exceed 200 x 290 mm in size (scale approximately 1 / 100).
  • Floor apartments: A floor plan of a residential unit will be created. Maisonette apartments count as two floors.
  • Single-family homes: It is billed per floor.
  • All rooms should be labeled.
  • Sanitary facilities in the bathroom, the toilet, in the guest bathroom, sauna and laundry must be clearly sketched or be nominated on your plan.
  • You can also easily make handwritten entries. If furniture is included in the floor plan, we will try to use the new furniture line accordingly. The doors must clearly be visible in the direction of their opening.

    How to send your plan to us?
    Your plan will be digitized and loaded into our database. This is done through the "Order" function in your Customers area when logged in.

    Scan of Floor Plans
    To scan the plan please use black and white image. “Grayscale mode” is sufficient. " Note: A color scan is always a much larger file. As resolution, you should not exceed 100 dpi. 72 dpi usually suffice. Make sure that the scan is clearly visible in all the details of your plan. Only then our staff can use it for further processing. If the image is too light or too dark, scan it again with different brightness or contrast levels. The basic rule: in most cases black and white images can be changed with the change of contrast to achieve a good result.

    9 steps for a good scan
    1. Clean the scanner glass (and if required the template).
    2. Adjust the Template to the scanner.
    3. Set color (8-bit grayscale).
    4. Determine the required scan resolution. (Screen resolution with 72-120dpi)
    5. Pre-Scan in this resolution and color depth.
    6. Pre-scan to check for readability.
    7. Pre-Scan, where appropriate, with the newly amended brightness and contrast.
    8. Scanning
    9. Save the corrected picture.

    Floor Plan Photo
    You should provide a 90-degree top view photograph. The image must not be distorted otherwise it can not be edited. Important: Choose the lowest resolution of your camera. (640x480) Download the image into the computer and check it: If it is clear and undistorted, you can deliver it to us. If it is unclear, photograph it again in the next higher resolution. Download it back into your computer and open it with an image editing program. If the file is too big now, save the image in minimized format.

    Data Format
    Please save your tempate as jpeg btw. jpg or gif.

    File Size
    A file must not exceed 500 KB in size. If your file is too large, please check first whether it was scanned as grayscale image. If this is not the case, you can convert it with an image editing program to a grayscale image or shrink the image resolution. In case of doubt, please use our convenient fax service.

    You can also easily make handwritten entries. If furniture is included in the floor plan, we will try to use the new furniture line accordingly. The doors must clearly be visible in the direction of its opening.

    Floors with multiple dwelling units
    If several residential units shall be set on display please use the button "Several Floor Plans together." Please note in the field "Info" which order numbers are to be put together.

    Structural changes
    Please check that the floor plan submitted shows the current state of the property. If alterations have been made, please draw them significantly. Erase demolished walls and clearly sketch new walls. This applies same for windows and doors as well.

    bauliche Änderungen

    Several floor plans on a template
    Please show clearly which floor plan should be created if more than one floor plan is on a template.

    mehrere Grundrisse auf einem Blatt

    What more can be done by us?
    Garages, terraces and gardens that are directly accessible, are also drawn by us. Please note that a measurement of 210 x 297 mm at the scale of about 1 / 100 in total should not be exceeded!



    Solution Graphics

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